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to Customers.

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We aspire to offer our customers a transparent, fair and delightful experience


See clear and transparent pricing and fees before agreeing to a contract. For instance, we never add fees or charges other than what you agree to at contract signing.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Rest easy knowing that we're always here for you when you need us. Our dedicated customer service team is always just one call or email away.

Efficient Response

Directly raise concerns with Fundr and expect to receive a response to your concern.

Direct and Easy Communication

Communicate with Fundr 100% via digital means (without being required to exchange paper except where required by law).


Consent and be made aware of what data Fundr has, and why. Rely on Fundr to hold your confidential data securely.

Respect and

You won’t be subject to threats or intimidation during the collection process and we won’t use your contacts or social networks to intimidate you. And all repercussions of non-payment will be clearly stated upfront (e.g. impact on credit).

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Working with Fundr was great! From the first time I spoke with my funding specialist until the time I received my money,  the customer experience was top notch. I would highly recommend working with Fundr.
Sharon Mosely
East Side Veterinary Clinic
This is another review. Fundr is fantastic!
Tucker Joe
Joe's Family Grocery Store